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Bourne again?

No thanks…not for me. What an awful summer for blockbusters. You know what we had last year at this time? “Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation”, that’s what. And you know what? I’ve watched it again recently–it holds up beautifully. But “Jason Bourne”? I’m not biting. Even with Matt Damon returning to the role, after almost a decade, and a one-film diversion starring Jeremy Renner. I’ve been reading the reviews from my most trusted critics, and things don’t sound so good. 60 million dollar opening at the box office be damned! There aren’t ANY real choices. “Ghostbusters” has proven so 1984. “Star Trek Beyond” had a huge second weekend drop off. “Suicide Squad” arrives later this week to, hopefully, wash all this bad taste away.

It all started so beautifully for the franchise back in 2002. A friend turned me on to Doug Liman’s “The Bourne Identity”, and I ate it up. The film quadrupled its budget, and it received a ton of praise. Paul Greengrass took over for 2004’s “The Bourne Supremacy”…with the same results as its predecessor. 2007’s “The Bourne Ultimatum”? Resounding success. This franchise was a cash cow. But now the Robert Ludlum books had run their course…and I figured so had I.

Unfortunately, this darn Eric Van Lustbander was hired to keep penning the novels (ten total in the last twelve years) , so “Bourne” series screenwriter, Tony Gilroy was brought on as director, Jeremy Renner stars as black ops agent Aaron Cross–and 2012’s “The Bourne Legacy” does respectable, but not spectacular, business. “Get me Damon and Greengrass back!”, came the call. And here we are. But I don’t like it one bit…admittedly sight unseen. I stopped after the trilogy, and that’s my continued plan. I’m not keeping the cash machine going just because Universal Pictures wants me too. I grow weary from the constant manipulation–I didn’t bite the “Ghostbusters” bait either. Eat it up “Jason Bourne” lovers, you’re going to have to continue without me. Try not to miss me too much. Besides, it seems like you have plenty of company regardless.


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