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“Suicide Squad” 2nd weekend plunge?

I mean, it’s inevitable right? “Suicide Squad” raked in 135 million dollars, in a record-breaking August opening weekend (trouncing the 2014 94-million dollar cash grab, of the critically acclaimed “Guardians of the Galaxy”). So, it’ll gross a billion worldwide by the end of its run, right? Not necessarily. That’s what was expected of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” after its huge 166 million dollar opening in March. But tepid critics’ reviews, and a lower than expected audience CinemaScore, doomed “BvS” to a much more modest global take of only 873 million…330 of that domestically. With “BvS” suffering a nearly 70 percent drop-off in its 2nd weekend, those numbers should hardly be surprising.

Now listen, I’m usually not so coy, but I’ve seen “Suicide Squad”, and I’m in the process of readying my review for publication later this week. I went whole hog, and experienced it in IMAX 3D too. So soon, you are going to be able to read exactly how I feel about the latest entry in the DC Extended Universe. And, you also may remember, that I’m a champion of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, finding it quite underrated. In fact, I’ve now seen it 4 times, including the 3-hour plus “extended cut”. I expect “BvS” to be critically reevaluated over time. But will writer/ director David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” outlive its weak critical reception? Only time will tell. For now, with an even lower aggregate review rating than “BvS”, and an only slightly higher CinemaScore grade, I’m thinking a gigantic 2nd weekend drop-off, is pretty much a guarantee.


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