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“Finding Dory” v “Zootopia”

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Is there any doubt, that come Oscar time (the Academy Awards broadcast will be on Sunday, February 26th), that the battle will be between these two Disney behemoths? Disney/Pixar’s “Finding Dory” crossed the worldwide box office one BILLION dollar mark this past weekend. Disney Animation Studios’ “Zootopia” pulled off that SAME feat, earlier in the year. The sequel, “Finding Dory”, is the summer champion, while the original creation, “Zootopia”, ruled the spring. “Zootopia” fared slightly better with the critics, while “Dory”, arguably, has the higher star power voices. Although both can boast Idris Elba…so maybe it’s a wash. Each movie landed a CinemaScore grade of ‘A’. Is there any way these two GIANTS don’t battle for the Best Animated Feature Oscar? And who wins? Is there any scenario in which Disney can lose? Place your bets now: bunny cop or wayward fish? It’s the Ali/Frazier of Oscar Animation. And it should be a thrilla, and a killa, and a chilla!


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