Spamilton: An American Parody Off-Broadway

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Unable to get into “the room where it happens”? Don’t throw away your shot! Get thee to the intimate, cabaret-style space, that is the Upper West Side’s Triad Theater in Manhattan, for the wonderfully realized spoof of “Hamilton: An American Musical”, called “Spamilton: An American Parody”. It’s short (barely 75 minutes, or, about HALF of “Hamilton”‘s running time), but it’s hilarious! Especially if you’ve seen “Hamilton” (like me), as well as being, at least, somewhat theatre astute. In other words–if you want to get ALL the gags, homework is necessary. On the other hand, my 11-year-old loved it, and his experience is almost solely his obsession with the “Hamilton” cast album. But even he was ecstatic with laughter when an ersatz Little Orphan Annie shows up for “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cries” (the perfect mocking tribute, to Hamilton’s finale, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”). In other words, Sondheim, Webber, overdone revivals, “The Book of Mormon”, Barbra, Liza, and Patti, are all fair game in this cheeky, cutting, takedown/homage, from Gerard Alessandrini, of “Forbidden Broadway” fame.

The Triad is a tiny space, with little tables, along with over a hundred chairs on two levels, set up somewhat like a comedy club (yes…there is a two drink minimum). But with Chris Anthony Giles as Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr, Nicholas Edwards as Daveed Diggs as Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette, Nora Schell as EVERY female part (…and Peggy), Larry Owens as a number of male “Hamilton” roles, and Dan Rosales as Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton…you can’t possibly go wrong. There’s also a couple of “Guest Diva” spots, AND…a message from “the Queen”. Again, if you know your “Hamilton”, you’re bound to be guffawing in delight. For instance, “I am not throwing away my shot”, becomes “I am not going to let Broadway rot”, “Rise Up” is now “Thighs Up”, and highly touted Broadway hits are combined to create title mash-ups like “The Lion King and I”, “Avenue Crucible”, and “An America Psycho in Paris”. Marvelous stuff. Mr. Rosales, is a nerdy, effective Miranda watching the horrors of a Disney-fied Broadway, and fighting back with his rap/hip-hop, historical epic, “my own revolution, a hop hip solution”. But don’t let me give all the best jokes away! Join the cast for yourself, along with pianist (and musical director, Fred Barton), and laugh until you cry!

This show rates a 9


2 comments on “Spamilton: An American Parody Off-Broadway

  1. This sounds like great fun Mark. I’ve seen a few editions of Forbidden Broadway and have every single one of the their casts recordings – so clever!

  2. You have now given me great hope, that the possibility of a cast album exists! Tanks, Simon! Also, I’m very interested in catching Sondheim’s “Pacific Overtures” at CSC in the spring. Is that one on you “fortnight radar”?


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