Amy Academy Award Adams?

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Is this her year? Maybe. It would be her 6th Oscar nomination, if she acquires one for 2016, and there are three feature releases to choose from. I mean, is Amy prolific, or what? Am I wrong, or does it sometimes seem that she’s in every other movie, in any given year? Ms. Adams first came to my attention, when I was enchanted by her via her first Oscar-nominated performance, in “Junebug” in 2005 (although I had, at least, noticed her in two previous trips to the cinema, in 2000’s “Psycho Beach Party” and 2002’s “Catch Me If You Can”). Do you know how many films she’s appeared in since that point? 30. THIRTY! For comparison, Warren Beatty hasn’t been in 30 movies in his entire 55-year career. Barbra Streisand hasn’t gotten to 20. But the beautiful and versatile Ms. Adams is like a machine.

Included in that thirty strong mix, were Oscar noms for 2008’s “Doubt”, 2010’s “The Fighter”, 2012’s “The Master”, and 2013’s “American Hustle”. Is 2016 when she finally wears Oscar down? Let’s talk about the golden boy’s triptych of selections. Recognition for the quite underrated “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” appears highly unlikely. Ms. Adams turned in strong work, but she was given much more to do as Lois Lane, in 2013’s “Man of Steel”. A much better chance comes with the recent release of the aliens-among-us release, “Arrival”. She’s exceptional in it, and I’ll have my full review later this week. And my excitement is building, for the soon-to-be-unleashed, “Nocturnal Animals”, the sophomore effort from designer, Tom Ford (after 2009’s lauded, “A Single Man”). Is it finally for Amy , on February 26th? Could be.


10 comments on “Amy Academy Award Adams?

  1. She’s front runner on the basis of Arrival!

  2. I sure hope it’s her year. Both her performances in Nocturnal Animals and Arrival were splendid.

  3. Here’s to Amy mate! She is a fine actress and both Animals and Arrival offer great roles for her, in particular for me Arrival in which I thought she was fantastic!

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