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This idea has been pressing on me for a while. So, with less then a month until the new year hits–it’s time to unveil a new feature. But first, a brief introduction. I’ve been a film critic, in one form or another, approaching a quarter-of-a-century now. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly five years, and I’ve also been the regular film essayist on a national radio program (in over 70 cities!) for more than two years. Reviews, retrospectives, features–it’s my wheelhouse. But I often cringe, or roll my eyes, or feel steam coming out of my ears, regarding the nonsense and inanities that are thrown at me on a regular basis. Concerning movies, of course. And some of them DRIVE ME NUTS! If anything, because they are usually so wildly inaccurate. Or just plain wrong. Here’s the answer! I’ll let you know about it! Critic Bites can pop up at any time here on the blog. They will be random, short, and to-the-point. Hey, I’ve been known to rant on occasion. The way I see it–why should I suffer in silence? I’m looking forward to Critic Bites, and I expect them to be plentiful. Some will be stronger than others, but I would expect a mixture of informative and sardonic on a regular basis. I’m going to dissect and denounce, some of the loopy things I have to hear people say. And I encourage your comments. This, is going to be fun.


2 comments on “Critic Bites

  1. Hey Mark, I’m now looking forward to Critic Bites as well. Bring it on!

  2. Thanks, Simon! I’ve been dying to launch it!


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