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Life, Animated

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 89th Annual Academy Awards Like quite a few Oscar-nominated releases I’ve experienced of late, this documentary is a wonderful and interesting story, that nevertheless suffers from a few issues in its execution. However, “Life, Animated” does have a ringer, in the fascinating centerpiece personage of Owen Suskind. The […]

Racing Extinction

Well, “The Cove” was better. Louie Psihoyos directed that one too, and it was awarded the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award in 2010. But Mr. Psihoyos has lost his way a bit with his latest, “Racing Extinction”. It’s gimmicky, meandering, and one-sided to a fault. As usual, these non-fiction focuses on subjects like climate change, […]

Cartel Land

So many 2015 films still to cover, but I figured I’d give you my fifth and final Oscar nominee for Best Documentary Feature, from the 88th Annual Academy Awards. There’s not a bad one among the quintet, and Matthew Heineman’s “Cartel Land” is no exception. “Amy”, the eventual winner (as well as a fine film) […]

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

It’s a firebrand of a documentary from Netflix, it was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 88th Annual Academy Awards (losing to “Amy”), plus it feels fresh, and immediate, and directly on the pulse. I do not believe it is a great film, however–but it is a very good one. It’s mostly on target […]

What Happened, Miss Simone?

It’s an illuminating chronicle, about a genius jazz singer, and it was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 88th Annual Academy Awards. Of course, a very fine film about a superb jazz singer did indeed WIN the award just a few days ago–it just wasn’t this one. “Amy”, a story about doomed pop star […]

The Look of Silence

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 88th Annual Academy Awards This film is a companion piece to the director’s (Joshua Oppenheimer) “The Act of Killing” from 2013, a film I reviewed here roughly two years ago. I found that film emotionally and spiritually devastating, and wrote at the time of how I wasn’t certain […]

The Walk IMAX 3D

I’ve never been more frightened sitting in a movie theater. Now, when I was in my early teens, I sneaked into 1978’s gore-fest “Dawn of the Dead”, with my friend, Leon. Not long after that, it seemed that my entire high school freshman class jumped out of their seats, when young Jason Vorhees emerged from […]