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Jim: The James Foley Story

Nominated for Best Original Song (“The Empty Chair”) at the 89th Annual Academy Awards This is a very tricky area for a film critic. What to say about a man, who performs so heroically in a variety of ways, and ultimately dies a horrific death at the hands of ISIS terrorists? In no way would […]


Last time around, Paolo Sorrentino treated us to “The Great Beauty”, the winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Annual Academy Awards. Now, we have “Youth”, which managed to muster a sole nomination for Best Original Song at the 88th Annual Academy Awards (“Simple Song #3” by David Lang, which fell to the […]

Racing Extinction

Well, “The Cove” was better. Louie Psihoyos directed that one too, and it was awarded the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award in 2010. But Mr. Psihoyos has lost his way a bit with his latest, “Racing Extinction”. It’s gimmicky, meandering, and one-sided to a fault. As usual, these non-fiction focuses on subjects like climate change, […]

Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay, “Terminator Genysis” is still the worst film I experienced in 2015, but “Fifty Shades of Grey” certainly gave it a run for its money. Are the books this promised series is based on, as vapid and empty as this film is? Actually, I bet there’s no reason to answer that. Titillation can have brains […]

The Hunting Ground

It can be argued that the focus on this film was the most powerful moment at the 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony last month. “The Hunting Ground” was not among the five nominees for Best Documentary that night (a prize that eventually went to “Amy”), but it was in the competition for Best Original Song (won […]

Beyond the Lights

IF I was reviewing half a movie, “Beyond the Lights” would probably garner an ‘A’. For a good hour of its run time, it is so authentic, so piercing, so alive, that I couldn’t quite fathom how it didn’t receive more attention, and also how it only managed to grab one Oscar nomination for Best Original Song […]

Begin Again

Am I going a bit soft? Do I sometimes get sucked into the sentimentality? I guess to some level on that last one, because most everything about John Carney’s “Begin Again” signals me that I should despise it. But instead, I was utterly charmed. Carney, of course, had an ultra low-budget success story with 2007’s […]