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Captain Fantastic

Nominated for Best Actor (Viggo Mortensen) at the 89th Annual Academy Awards “Captain Fantastic” is infectious. It reminded me of the “Wilderness Family” movies I attended as a boy. Remember those? It was a trilogy from the 1970’s, about a family that ran away from life in the polluted, capitalistic, big city, and escaped to […]

All the Way on HBO

Well, this is becoming a comfortable little niche for director Jay Roach. Years past his “Austin Powers” trilogy heyday, Mr. Roach has directed a solid trilogy now, of political stories for HBO. And they were all first broadcast during Presidential Election years. 2008 saw “Recount”, based on the tumultuous Bush vs. Gore 2000 race for […]

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight on HBO

The smartest move director Stephen Frears makes, with this earnest HBO film, is letting Muhammad Ali be the star of it. Oh, the Parkinson’s afflicted, now septuagenarian, former 3-time heavyweight boxing king doesn’t actually perform in the finished product. But neither is there an actor enlisted to portray the great champion. However, this depiction of […]