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Jim: The James Foley Story

Nominated for Best Original Song (“The Empty Chair”) at the 89th Annual Academy Awards This is a very tricky area for a film critic. What to say about a man, who performs so heroically in a variety of ways, and ultimately dies a horrific death at the hands of ISIS terrorists? In no way would […]

The Lynch Ledger-Entry Three: Dune (1984)

Fyi, to my current Lynch Ledger fans: I re-watched 1984’s “Dune” almost a full month ago(right at the beginning of May), and I’ve been contemplating ever since just how to cover it. Two things: I want to be fair to the film, and try to avoid bias as much as possible. Plus, I wish to […]

Frances Ha

Noam Baumbach films are glorious in their imperfections. They are off-beat, off-kilter, a little bit cool, somewhat pretentious—but they always seem to work beautifully. The delightful “Frances Ha” is no exception, and for two consecutive releases now, Noah has cast his charming, infectious muse, Ms. Greta Gerwig(they are in a relationship after-all—Gerwig also co-wrote the […]