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Oscar Predictions

This will be somewhat abbreviated because of unforeseen circumstances, but…here we go. BEST PICTURE will be won by “The Artist” and its Spirit Award win last night seems to lock that up for certain. Early frontrunner “The Descendants” has been left in the dust, and spoilers like “Hugo” and “The Help” will win in other categories. In my […]

Take Shelter & The Interrupters

Two award shows to go, people—and then the season is over. Can you believe the Oscars used to take place in late March. That’s one of the changes of the last decade that I actually like. February is the right time—it was a good move. Anyway, my official picks in the top categories will be posted […]

Certified Copy

How is it possible that I’ve been watching Juliette Binoche for a quarter of a century and she just keeps getting more beautiful? From “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” to “Damage” to “Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights” to “Three Colors: Blue” to “The Horseman on the Roof” to “The English Patient” to “Chocolat” to “The Widow […]

The Help

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress and twice for Best Supporting Actress at the 84th Annual Academy Awards…                 “I’ve never met a racist, but I’ve known plenty of them”. This is what I told a friend recently when discussing this past summer’s surprise smash, “The Help”. How […]

The Adventures of Tintin 3D & War Horse

The Adventures of Tintin is nominated for Best Original Score at the 84th Annual Academy Awards…          You can’t help but feel that it should have been a little bit better. I mean here is the world’s most renowned director venturing into animation AND 3D territory for the very first time. Would it feel more […]

Have-ta BAFTA

Gotta acknowledge our friends across the pond…even if the so-called “British Academy Awards” are traditionally not quite the indicators that the DGA and the Golden Globes are. But it appears they are matching the odds nicely this year. BAFTA’s Triple Crown of Best Pic/Director/Actor for “The Artist” seems to be the likely hat trick come […]

My Week with Marilyn

Nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor at the 84th Annual Academy Awards…          It’s charming, but slight—however Michelle Williams makes it more than worthwhile. An old friend of mine(an astute Marilyn Monroe aficionado)felt that Williams deftly captured MM’s vulnerability. I’ll say. I wanted to take her home and protect her forever. But there’s more […]