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Kill Your Darlings

Another quick capsule review, and yeah—I kind of enjoyed this one. I’m always somewhat fascinated at the inside look at the lives of the Beat generation poets, and this film gives us fine work from Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg, Jack Huston as Jack Kerouac and a hilarious Ben Foster as William S. Burroughs. It […]

Museum Hours

Just a quick post about this wonderful 2013 release, because the Holiday Season is still in full throttle around here—and taking up a huge amount of time! If you remember(if you don’t, feel free to look for yourself), the final words on my “About” page here on the blog, specified a goal towards honesty and […]

2013 Theatre in Review

Some quick notes on the five theatre pieces I managed to see in the past calendar year: Best Play Revival…and best show I saw all year-long: the beautiful, haunting new version of Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” on Broadway. It’s still playing, so don’t miss it. Best Musical Revival…the wondrous new vision of Stephen Sondheim’s “Passion”, that had a limited […]

Saving Mr. Banks

Alright, first things first…this is not as horrendous as director John Lee Hancock’s “The Blind Side” from 2009. That unwatchable piece of excrement won Sandra Bullock an Oscar, and made a small fortune at the box office. No matter, it’s atrocious. The heartwarming story of a well-to-do white, southern family that took in an African-American giant, […]

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

It’s my hope that I’m not missing the boat on this one in not rating it higher. A lot of it was quite good, and it was never less than compelling. However, with the year-end awards crunch in full-motion, one occasionally slips through the cracks when looking ahead to my 2013 Top Ten tally. What […]


It’s almost inconceivable to me that I’ll experience a finer 2013 film in the coming weeks than “Her”. I went into this already believing director Spike Jonze to be a super-talent, so “Her” most likely being an exceptional movie was a given. But I was unprepared for just how revelatory, and how exquisitely calibrated this motion picture […]

American Hustle

If they handed out awards based on hair, this thing would win boatloads of trophies. Every single headliner in this thing has wild, distracting, outlandish locks. Whether curly, wayward, shellacked—it’s a show in itself. The rest of “American Hustle” is pretty good too. It’s not Top Ten of the year material, but it’s the best […]