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It’s a fantastic, low-budget, indie surprise, featuring a cast filled with people of color, and two lead performances by transgender actresses. “Tangerine” was written and directed by Sean Baker, who has been making noise on the independent scene for quite a few years now. I finally stopped to listen. The film was reportedly shot, using […]

99 Homes

Back to the business at hand, after a somber week of violet mourning. And I wish I had better things to report about writer/director Ramin Bahrini’s latest, “99 Homes”. It starts strong certainly, but I started to see the warning signs during its soggy middle portion, then it ends very poorly. It rapidly employs easy […]

Sometimes It Snows In April…

Oh, I know some of my friends and associates are wondering when I’m going to stop. Soon, I guess. Hours, days…I don’t know. It’s up to me, after all, isn’t it? A lot of people realized how I would feel. Texts, e-mails, phone calls, tweets, posts…too many to count. Combined it was easily over a […]

Flashback: on 1989’s Batman

Wow. Talked about planned/not planned. For five years now, without fail, I’ve been posting a film tribute to Jack Nicholson, on the occasion of his birthday. Today, April 22nd, is his 79th. A couple weeks ago, I began pondering what to focus on this year. I’d done “Goin’ South” and “Ride in the Whirlwind” in […]

Racing Extinction

Well, “The Cove” was better. Louie Psihoyos directed that one too, and it was awarded the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award in 2010. But Mr. Psihoyos has lost his way a bit with his latest, “Racing Extinction”. It’s gimmicky, meandering, and one-sided to a fault. As usual, these non-fiction focuses on subjects like climate change, […]


One of the event movies that I missed in the theaters late last year. Oh, I pondered seeing it in IMAX 3D…but ended up choosing “The Walk” for that format, right around the same time. Maybe I skipped it because watching Philippe Petit cross a tight rope between the Twin Towers gave me heart palpitations. […]


It’s been a few days now, and I’m still not really sure what to say and feel about “Zootopia”. Always aiming for complete honesty, I plan on telling the national radio audience the exact same thing, when I review it this coming Sunday, on “America Weekend with Ed Kalegi & Christina Stoffo”. I mean the […]