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Ron Howard douses “Inferno”

Let’s face it…Ron Howard is awful. Now, I don’t mean as a human being, because he seems like a heck of a nice guy. In fact, I ran into him once at an industry event, someone called him “Opie”, and he simply smiled and nodded, and took it with good nature. I respect him for […]

Flashback: on 1992’s Bob Roberts

Recently, I revisited “Bob Roberts”. More folks need to see “Bob Roberts”. I have no idea why Tim Robbins stopped directing features after three exceptional films in the 1990s (Oscar-winning “Dead Man Walking” in 1995, and the marvelous “Cradle Will Rock” in 1999, were the other two), but it was a loss for us all. […]

Spamilton: An American Parody Off-Broadway

Unable to get into “the room where it happens”? Don’t throw away your shot! Get thee to the intimate, cabaret-style space, that is the Upper West Side’s Triad Theater in Manhattan, for the wonderfully realized spoof of “Hamilton: An American Musical”, called “Spamilton: An American Parody”. It’s short (barely 75 minutes, or, about HALF of […]

Eighteen Elite

Over the summer, I saw my 200th theatre production in the last thirty years. This covers all qualified stage performances from 1986 thru the first portion of 2016.┬áMost are from Broadway and Off-Broadway, but I’m proud to have attended a number of regional productions (professional & amateur) all around the New York Metro area, as […]


Pretty much the cinematic equivalent of Einstein sitting down with Copernicus. This is the 100th 2015 film I’m reviewing here, so why not this little gem of a documentary. Alright, it’s too damn short at 80 minutes. So, there’s ample time given to “Vertigo”, “The Wrong Man”, and “Psycho”, along with snippets of “The Lodger”, […]

Ghostbusters (2016)

It’s got no balls. Now listen, before you completely misunderstand, I was rooting for these ladies. Hard. But Paul Feig’s direction, along with his co-screenwriter Katie Dippold, completely lets this talented cast down. It’s like they are running scared. From ghosts. Or the nostalgic apparitions of Murray, Ackroyd, Ramis, Hudson, Weaver, Moranis and Potts.┬áTheir long-in-the-tooth […]

“Deepwater Horizon” hit Berg

This is a confession. I’ve decided that I have to see more work from underrated director, Peter Berg. He’s had a few hits, he’s had a few bombs…but he usually makes an impression. Mr. Berg has helmed 8 features since 1998, yet I’ve only experienced two. Expect that to change soon, because I’m really getting […]