Theatre on Video

Theatre on Video: John Leguizamo’s Ghetto Klown on HBO

Somehow, all three of the Theatre on Video reviews that I’ve written(so far)have been on one-man shows. This has not been by design, just the luck of the draw. But this one is easily the most ebullient and exciting of the trio, because John Leguizamo is such an energetic and diverse performer. He had me […]

Theatre on Video: Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth on HBO

It honestly¬†was¬†my intention to utilize this category much more frequently when I first announced it over a year ago. Unfortunately, this is only the second time a filmed theatre piece is getting a review here on the blog, so far(so much to see, so little time). A coincidence that both are one-man shows? Yeah, kind […]

Theatre on Video: Sex and Death to the Age 14

Hurricane Sandy still has us reeling somewhat in the Northeastern U.S.—which is the sole reason for this lengthy delay. You can’t beat Mother Nature, and I haven’t watched anything for over a week. Don’t worry, however…there is always a back log. And I’ve wanted to write about something I saw for the very first time […]