Ten Best Lists

The Ten Best Films of 2016

A lot of bad movies are going to win Oscars this year. In fact, if you asked me to place my money today, I would bet that the Best Actor, Actress, Director, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay and Best Picture categories, are going to sport victors from films that are mediocre…or outright terrible. At this point, […]

The Ten Best Films of 2015

This is my 30th annual list, and it’s kind of sobering. It started with a hand-written grouping that I hung above my stock room desk, a job I held for years while supporting myself through various stages of an acting (then broadcasting) career. Soon after, my Top Ten was first featured on my college radio […]

The Ten Best Films of 2014

Here we are again. I’ll attempt to keep my commentary diatribe-free this year, and focus mainly on the nitty-gritty. Besides, who needs another rant? There were an abundance of terrific films released in the 2014 calendar year, but there’s not one critic who gets to all of them. I read a story that claimed the […]

The Ten Best Films of 2013

Firstly, on the occasion of my 28th annual Ten Best Films of the year list, I want to state that I believe that I am wildly misunderstood (boo-hoo for me…like who doesn’t feel that way aboutĀ themselves, right?). People often refer to me as a film snob. Usually I just smile and nod my head. Often […]

The Ten Best Films of 2012

It’s been some ride. A record-breaking 64 new releases seen for the 2012 list. That number was 52 last year. And the previous all-time high was 60, setĀ 25 years ago in 1987. Back then, I viewed most of the films the old-fashioned way—in an actual theater. How many of this year’s 64 did I attend […]

The Ten Best Films of 2011

It’s a lot of work. Sifting through, rearranging, re-watching, re-considering. The final tally this year was 52 films. Professional critics see many, many more…but I’m grateful to not have to sit through most of the garbage. I utilize many tools of research to steer me away from the crap. And, thankfully, not much research is […]