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The Cronenberg Chronicle-Phase Three: A History of Violence (2005)

In his nearly 40 years of directing features, if I had to pick Cronenberg’s best film of the last 20–it would probably be his adaptation of John Wagner and Vince Locke’s graphic novel, “A History of Violence”. Its only competition would be David’s uber-controversial “Crash” from 1996, itself an adaptation of a novel by J. […]


Ralph Fiennes takes on double-duty as star and director of “Coriolanus”…his debut behind the camera. An accomplished Shakespearean performer(I saw his Tony-winning Hamlet on Broadway in 1995), he still took a major risk in bringing one of the Bard’s lesser known tragedies to the big screen(although it was my privilege and a thrill to see […]

Moonrise Kingdom

Is it a deficiency to have a style that is unmistakably distinctive? Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, Woody Allen…3 very different filmmakers whose work you would never confuse with anyone else’s. Some erroneously peg this auteurist approach to simply a “sameness” to all of their respective films. Certainly a motion picture from any of them tend […]

We Need to Talk About Kevin

You know you’re in trouble when they wallop you with the Christ imagery in the opening shot. And then a few scenes later the devil enters. Throughout the proceedings, distressed mommy(Tilda Swinton)suffers the trials of Job. Director Lynne Ramsay, so confident and subtle in her helming of “Morvern Callar” almost a decade ago, has seemingly […]


It’s a superhero origin film. No, it’s a remake of Stephen King’s “Carrie”. Or is it a live-action version of anime classic, “Akira”? All three make sense, and apparently director Josh Trank cites 1978’s “The Fury” as an influence too. So, between that and 1976’s “Carrie”, I think it’s safe to say that Josh hearts […]

Congratulations Clybourne Park!

And the Tony Award for Best Play goes to…”Clybourne Park”! Wonderful news for this “little show that could”. After winning last year’s Pulitzer Prize(following a brief Playwrights Horizons run in 2010), the show STILL almost didn’t make it to Broadway. With no “big name” talent to attract the tourists(and the essential “bridge and tunnel” crowd), […]

Flashback: on 1971’s Drive, He Said

Michael Margotta is a badass. I didn’t realize that until recently, but I still wish I had told him back when he was my acting teacher in the mid-1980’s. You see, “Drive, He Said”(Jack Nicholson’s official debut as a director)has been hard to come by for years. But a squeaky clean print has recently made […]