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It’s beautifully done, and perfectly executed. I found myself completely wrapped up and absorbed, in the plight of this quintet of orphaned sisters. The movie opens with some innocent boisterousness being quickly misinterpreted, with escalating results and punishment. “Mustang” is an internationally co-produced, Turkish-French drama. It was an official France entry, when it was nominated […]

The Witch

Bottom line: it’s damn scary. It’s “I had a nightmare that evening” scary. That should read like an endorsement. Issues? Yeah, I have a few. Including things getting a touch too literal as the film barreled towards its conclusion. The obvious question to ponder would be, “did it really?”. Now I have a level of […]

Son of Saul

It is my intention to bring you all five Best Foreign Language Film nominees, from this past 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, over the next five weeks. And what better way to begin, then with the winner from Hungary, the bleak, disturbing, harrowing “Son of Saul”. There’s much to admire here. For example the oblique […]

“Captain America 3″…Billion First

“Captain America: Civil War”, to the surprise of almost no one, became the first film of 2016 to crest a billion dollars in international box office this weekend. A couple of months back, it certainly seemed that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” would reach the number before anything else. But after a steep 2nd […]


Last time around, Paolo Sorrentino treated us to “The Great Beauty”, the winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Annual Academy Awards. Now, we have “Youth”, which managed to muster a sole nomination for Best Original Song at the 88th Annual Academy Awards (“Simple Song #3” by David Lang, which fell to the […]

The Jungle Book

It’s something that I didn’t find myself saying after “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, or even the more recent “Captain America: Civil War”. But I’ll proclaim it here: I was stunned by the visual effects for Disney’s wonderfully entertaining family film, “The Jungle Book”. Quite simply–with apologies to the marketing campaign for 1978’s “Superman”–you’ll believe […]

The Peanuts Movie

Listen, I’ve read the complaints from some of the fussier critics, and I’ve listened to the plaudits from the believers too. But I would be bewildered by anyone that confessed to me that they weren’t the slightest bit charmed by it. In a film year that featured an awful lot of nostalgia porn, “The Peanuts […]