Theatre cast albums

“Hamilton” cast album…reviewed!

I’ve experienced dozens of Broadway musicals over the years, but three absolutely stand out from the crowd. In 1979, I was a 14-year-old theatre enthusiast, and seeing “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” was a revelation. It’s titanic production (some claimed TOO big) at the then Uris Theatre, was one of the galvanizing forces of […]

“Follies” cast album…reviewed!

This one is a bit unusual, and a little bit retro, but something I’ve been meaning to publish. I saw “Follies” on Broadway around November 2011, a number of weeks before I started this blog, and I reviewed the musical on this site while the show was still running. It was my first experience with […]

“Violet” cast album…reviewed!

You have roughly a fortnight left to catch the Broadway debut of “Violet” the musical starring Sutton Foster(it goes dark on August 10th), but I understand your dilemma if you don’t reside near the New York City area. I did manage to experience “Violet” in early May of this year, shortly after it opened, and […]

“Passion” cast album…reviewed!

They almost couldn’t get this one recorded. And even though it was finally released by PS Classics this month, it was without the original Clara—just as it was when I visited the Sondheim musical off-Broadway in April. The wonderful Melissa Errico, the opening night Clara subsequently sidelined by vocal issues on March 21st, was unable […]

“Carrie” cast album…reviewed!

It’s been a long time coming “Carrie” fans. And I’m thoroughly pleased to report that it has been more than worth the wait. That hold-up was rapidly approaching  a quarter of a century, my friends. But the official “Carrie” the musical premiere cast recording has arrived. It was delivered to my mailbox roughly a fortnight […]