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Musical or Play, Broadway or Off-Broadway…do you know the difference?

I’m going to an Off-Broadway play this weekend, and I think that a majority of people believe that that means I’m seeing something that is┬ánot playing in Manhattan’s Theatre District. In this case, they would be correct—but I’ve seen plenty of shows that qualify as Off-Broadway in and around the vicinity of Times Square. This […]

The Master

Okay—eff Tom Cruise. I got all nostalgic a few months ago after watching “Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol”, and decided it should be okay to like him again. Maybe I just blocked out how much of a weirdo he is. What does this have to do with Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”? At least some of you […]

Julianne Moore…finally!!!

As predicted on this blog OVER SIX MONTHS AGO…Julianne Moore finally nabs the big prize—for portraying 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin in “Game Change”. So, after coming up empty with 4 Oscar, 3 BAFTA and 6 Golden Globes nominations for her film work(note: she did grab an Independent Spirit award for her stellar turn […]

Monsieur Lazhar

It is incredibly well-acted and ultimately moving, but I could never quite shake the feeling that it will someday be remade in the United States starring Robin Williams as the teacher. Cast a bunch of precocious(racially mixed, of course)10 year-olds, and suddenly it’s “Dead Poets Society 2: the Elementary School Years”. I hope that Hollywood […]

Vincent & Frankenweenie “classic”

Pretty jazzed about the upcoming “Frankenweenie” stop-motion 3D feature…and how could I not be. As I like to tell my friends, I have a taste for the macabre. And director Tim Burton has always had a healthy respect for the horror genre, along with a rather touching appreciation for the “giants of the dark” that […]

“The Master”, “Argo”, “Lincoln” and the spectre of disappointment

All of the big stuff is coming up with fall arriving, and winter on the way…and at least one of the luminaries is going to piss me off. My bet is on “Lincoln”, but I hope I’m wrong. Daniel Day-Lewis should nail it. But is Steven Spielberg past his prime? What was his last great […]

Video On Demand…yea or nay?

Anthony Lane of The New Yorker doesn’t feel I should watch premiering films on VOD(Video On Demand). And I think he should stick his elitist attitude where the sun don’t shine. Certain big city critics(despite the periodical he writes for, I hear he lives near London), with almost unlimited access to viewings on “real” movie […]