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The Hunting Ground

It can be argued that the focus on this film was the most powerful moment at the 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony last month. “The Hunting Ground” was not among the five nominees for Best Documentary that night (a prize that eventually went to “Amy”), but it was in the competition for Best Original Song (won […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice IMAX 3D

I believe director Zack Snyder is onto something. It was felt in the first hour of 2013’s “Man of Steel”, but I grasped it more here. This is not a great film, it’s a flawed film–so, let the record show that I’ve stated that. But “Man of Steel” grew on me in repeat views. Once, […]

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

Talk about nostalgia porn. “Star Wars”, “Jurassic Park”, “Mad Max”, “Rocky”, “The Terminator”…it’s been a solid year of successful reboots. Guess who’s back now? Pee-wee Herman, that’s who! And, despite things being just a little bit creepy, now that star Paul Reubens has reached the advanced age of 63, “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday” is a mostly acceptable […]


Hell yeah, it’s good. It’s damn good. Spike Lee has always been a major talent, and despite some inconsistency the last decade or so, he still gets the job done occasionally. You didn’t realize that? You haven’t been paying attention. The heady days of “Do the Right Thing”, “Malcolm X”, and “4 Little Girls” may […]

Beasts of No Nation

Alright, I’m going to go on a bit of political rant here, so if you are NOT a supporter of OscarsSoWhite (I am firmly on record AS a supporter)…let me present exhibit #1. Because I’ll tell you this: if someone like Sean Penn or Matthew McConaughey played the Commandant role in the fine “Beasts of […]

The Assassin

Most critical opinion for Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s “The Assassin” was so strong, that I was extremely surprised that I didn’t adore it. Oh, there were some naysayers too, but the critics I read largely loved it. So much so, that I was reserving a place for it in my 2015 annual Top Ten. But, despite it […]


Yeah, it’s pretty good. It’s easy to see why it was a hit, and Amy Schumer is terrific in it. I guess I’m just tiring of the Judd Apatow brand lately. It’s getting a bit outdated, methinks. Also, it’s usually white, middlebrow feel-good. Maybe Mr. Apatow sensed this trend, and decided to cast NBA superstar […]