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The Cronenberg Chronicle-Phase Two: Eastern Promises (2007)

The middle section of Cronenberg’s triptych with Viggo Mortenson, “Eastern Promises” is one of the absolute gems among a treasure trove of a rich and varied directorial career. Boasting a trio of excellent male performances(Mortenson, along with Vincent Cassel and Armin Mueller-Stahl), and a solid central turn from the gifted Naomi Watts, it’s a film […]


My favorite performance of 2011 wasn’t viewed until late May of 2012.  Sometimes the Academy Awards completely overlook the best work of the year. Thankfully, the Independent Spirit Awards recognized Woody Harrelson’s brilliant performance and nominated him for Best Male Lead(both prizes, btw, went to Jean Dujardin of “The Artist”, along with the BAFTA and […]

Flashback: on 2007’s The Last Winter

The future of horror could lie in the hands of Larry Fessenden, but I’m not certain that he will ever direct another film. It’s been five years since the limited American release of Fessenden’s “The Last Winter” and a decade since his previous (and equally fine…if not better) feature, “Wendigo”. These two movies are marvelous […]

Albert Nobbs

Glenn Close first played this role on stage in 1982(when she was in her mid 30’s)and has apparently been trying to bring this story to the big screen for quite some time. Finally getting it done at the age of 64 must feel like some sort of victory to her, and I applaud her tenacity. […]

Marvel’s The Avengers 3D

They pulled it off. And it’s a summer blockbuster extravaganza unlike anything ever released before it. If Richard Donner’s wonderful 1978 “Superman” film began the modern era of superhero movies, and Tim Burton’s and(especially)Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” features raised the bar to the level of artistic—than “The Avengers” should be remembered as the giant that slayed […]

Captain America: The First Avenger & Thor

As Marvel’s “The Avengers” continues its domination over the worldwide box office(I’m slated to see it tonight…review soon to follow), I treated myself to a couple of re-watchings of the two most recent set-up films(there have been 5 total, the others being “The Incredible Hulk”, “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2”). 2011’s unofficial summer movie […]


It works for me as a metaphorical parable about the trials of marriage, but apparently Lars von Trier intends the events of the film to be taken quite literally. No matter—either way it’s a full-out masterpiece. An instant classic that will undoubtedly be taught in film classes for decades to come. It’s the best I’ve […]