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Flashback: on 1983’s Superman III

We’ve been watching a lot of Superman in my house this summer due to the release of the blockbuster “Man of Steel” last month. My eight year-old and I weren’t all that crazy about the latest film version about Krypton’s favorite son, but we didn’t despise it either(you can read the review in the June […]

“Passion” cast album…reviewed!

They almost couldn’t get this one recorded. And even though it was finally released by PS Classics this month, it was without the original Clara—just as it was when I visited the Sondheim musical off-Broadway in April. The wonderful Melissa Errico, the opening night Clara subsequently sidelined by vocal issues on March 21st, was unable […]

The Cronenberg Chronicle-Phase Sixteen: Fast Company (1979)

“How the heck does this one fit?”, many will be inclined to asked. I’ve struggled with it for years myself, but I’ve come to terms with it most recently. By making a loose connection to the director’s 1996 “Crash”, “Fast Company” goes down a hell of a lot easier. You see, David Cronenberg loves cars. As proof, […]

Occupying Midian: “Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut” DVD arriving in 2014

Sometimes a long, tortured wait is finally rewarded. Now, I’m not going to hold my breath for a completely restored version of Erich von Stroheim’s “Greed”, and it seems pretty certain that the missing hour of footage from Orson Welles “The Magnificent Ambersons” has been lost forever. However, for better or worse, it appears we will […]


It was almost impossible for me to contain my excitement when I accidentally discovered, a few months ago, that horror maestro Larry Fessenden was directing a brand new feature. WHO, you say? Well, only the man responsible for a pair of the finest examples of the genre from last decade! 2002’s minimalist “Wendigo” and 2007’s […]

The Gatekeepers

The case can easily be made that Dror Moreh’s “The Gatekeepers” should’ve been the winner of the 2012 Best Documentary Feature Academy Award. Maybe so, but I’ll tell you this—I wouldn’t have wanted to be on that jury. It was such a fine field of non-fiction explorations nominated at last February’s ceremony, that I’m not […]

“The Wolf of Wall Street”…Scorsese’s return to form?

I did not like “Hugo” and I still can’t understand the fuss over it. It’s been discussed in more detail in past entries on the blog, so I’ll leave it at my belief that it is one of Scorsese’s few not worthwhile films. Same for 2010’s “Shutter Island”. Again, it’s overstuffed and underwhelming—yet has somehow […]