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All the Way on HBO

Well, this is becoming a comfortable little niche for director Jay Roach. Years past his “Austin Powers” trilogy heyday, Mr. Roach has directed a solid trilogy now, of political stories for HBO. And they were all first broadcast during Presidential Election years. 2008 saw “Recount”, based on the tumultuous Bush vs. Gore 2000 race for […]

Midnight Special

You know one way to spot a talented writer/director? Watch him (or her) make something from parts that are instantly familiar, and then mold it into something that is completely unique. That’s what the young, gifted Jeff Nichols has accomplished with his latest feature “Midnight Special”. It’s a mysterious, haunting, frightening film, but you’ll recognize […]

“Blair Witch”3

Like a shock wave it hit in the summer of 1999. “The Blair Witch Project” was the first massive ‘found footage’ film, grossing a quarter of a billion dollars on its miniscule 60,000 budget. It implemented an outright brilliant marketing campaign, that duped thousands of folks into believing that the movie was a true story. […]

The Shallows

It’s being dubbed the worst summer blockbuster season of all-time, by some–and I can’t mount much of an argument. Honestly, unless you like cartoon fish and animated mammals, what has solstice ’16 provided since “Cap 3”? And that opened in early May! Will the latest “Star Trek” save it? Too soon to tell. “Suicide Squad”? […]

Green Room

Unless there is an absolutely astonishing 2nd half of 2016, I’m relatively certain that I’ve seen three of my Top Ten Films of the year, in the last month alone. “The Neon Demon” is one, Whit Stillman’s “Love & Friendship” is another, and now I dare you to bear anything more intense than the flat-out […]


I was pulling for the ladies, I really was. It was appalling to me, to constantly hear about the testosterone fueled, viral campaign to shut down the talented team. It’s a super quartet. And, quite frankly, all of the performers pictured above have proven to me that they are an exceptionally gifted bunch. Regardless, “Ghostbusters” the reboot came […]

Flashback: on 1989’s Always

Steven Spielberg has directed 30 feature films in his career, and as of June, I had seen all of them (catching up with “The BFG” soon, which officially hit U.S. screens in July)…except for one. Somehow, I just kept missing “Always”. I know I watched a full hour of it once…but I believe I fell […]