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KUBRICK @Feature #7: 1964’s Dr. Strangelove

This will be my only credit abbreviation. But what Kubrick fan worth his precious bodily fluids, doesn’t realize that the full onscreen title reads: “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”? I remember folks telling me decades ago, that this film was meant to be taken seriously, but unintentionally supplied laughter, […]

The Legend of Tarzan

It’s half good. I’m willing to bet that a lot of us grew up watching Tarzan movies. Johnny Weissmuller, Gordon Scott, Christopher Lambert in “Greystoke”…each of us had a favorite. So, I had a certain level of anticipation, when this feature was slated for release. Then…a sizable number of the “big” critics savaged it. They […]

X-Men: Apocalypse

Well, if anything, I’m finally all caught up. I’m not pretending to grasp it all…too many timelines, so many dual-actor characters, plus–I watched them out of the order of their release. So, I’m a little bit confused. Therefore, my review is only a mild recommendation for Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse”. It ain’t bad, and I […]

Sausage Party

Why not? There is such a talented team behind this, so I had to check it out. Don’t get me wrong–raunchy is awesome. What I was afraid of was it being scattershot and silly. And yes, it contains elements of that too. But, for every joke, or two, that flounder (or outright fail), there’s a bullseye […]


Amy Adams could get her sixth Oscar nomination for “Arrival”, and it would be well-deserved. I’m not convinced she can actually finally win this time around, but I’m in her corner, so far. This may be her career-best work, in a decidedly unconventional science fiction film. Oh, there’s this too…”Arrival” is one of the best […]

Amy Academy Award Adams?

Is this her year? Maybe. It would be her 6th Oscar nomination, if she acquires one for 2016, and there are three feature releases to choose from. I mean, is Amy prolific, or what? Am I wrong, or does it sometimes seem that she’s in every other movie, in any given year? Ms. Adams first […]

Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids

At no point, did I ever think I’d find myself saying, “I’ve got to experience the Justin Timberlake concert movie!”. I mean, I’m aware of Mr. Timberlake as a strong performer, in many forms of media, but it’s not like I actually listen to his music. But then I started reading about “Justin Timberlake + the […]