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There is a healthy whiff of formula, in this otherwise fine film from Abderrahmane Sissako, that blocks Mauritania’s “Timbuktu” from the threshold of greatness for me. It’s very subtle, which I like, and it’s wise enough to employ an archly comic tone on occasion. The movie carries a consistent feeling of dread, and the light […]

Will T-rex Terminate “Genisys”?

Does “Terminator Genysis” possess the mighty cyborg arm, that can finally unseat three-weekend champion, “Jurassic World”? Many signs point to yes, but as opening day approaches for Arnold’s Independence Day holiday comeback–I find myself not so sure. For one thing, the early reviews are seeping in for the 5th film in the “Terminator” franchise–and they […]

Jurassic World IMAX 3D

C’mon, say it with me. The biggest blockbuster of the summer. It was expected to be big. But not this huge. “Jurassic World” is rampaging its way towards 2 billion dollars worldwide huge. And even that may be conservative. The resurrection of a 14 years dormant franchise, has been gloriously revived from amber. Even better…it’s […]

Begin Again

Am I going a bit soft? Do I sometimes get sucked into the sentimentality? I guess to some level on that last one, because most everything about John Carney’s “Begin Again” signals me that I should despise it. But instead, I was utterly charmed. Carney, of course, had an ultra low-budget success story with 2007’s […]

“Jurassic” billion.

At some point today, maybe it’s already happened, “Jurassic World” topped a billion dollars worldwide, in roughly a week and a half. That’s astonishing. Seeing it myself this afternoon, so you can expect a print review of its full IMAX 3D glory, by later this week. Plus, I’ll be cutting an audio review for national […]

Welcome to Me

Methinks the diverse Kristen Wiig, is going to get showered with awards for a film someday. This may come as no surprise to many, especially after her Oscar nomination for writing the screenplay for 2011’s “Bridesmaids”, as well as grabbing a Best Comedy Actress nom from the Golden Globes, for the same film. But it’s […]


Michael Mann is amongst my favorite film directors, so I’m still trying to grasp why “Blackhat” was such a huge box office bomb. Usually, Mann is able to find just the right mix of commercialism and artistry, to make his work a hit with either the critics, at the ticket line–or both. 2009’s “Public Enemies”, […]