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“Passion” scores 7 Drama Desk nominations!!!

The Tony Awards nominations will be announced today, and Broadway always gets a financial boost in the process. But another vastly important New York theatre honor announced its contenders yesterday, and this celebrates a broader spectrum which includes not only Broadway—but off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway as well. And one of the big collectors of nominations for […]

The Central Park Five

Al Sharpton was right. I realize a lot of white people(probably the majority)are going to hate hearing those words, but it’s true. I’ve heard Reverend Al being called divisive, opportunist, and even racist(in what I call a¬†convenient label for many)over the decades, but I never hear anyone acknowledge when the man is dead-on about something. […]

The Impossible

I certainly have a heart, but I have a brain too. And whereas(usually)they tend to peacefully co-exist—there are times when they do battle with one another. This is one of those times. I considered recusing myself from reviewing “The Impossible” because I have long been keenly perceptive regarding the subject of racial sensitivity. Hey, I’m […]

David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” gets the green light!!!

It’s not easy being a Cronenberg lover, so it must be far from simple being David Cronenberg himself. The now septuagenarian filmmaker(he turned 70 last month)has been struggling to cast and finance his latest project for months—what else is new. It must be wonderful to be Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese—or even Michael Bay—and get your […]

Flashback: on 1958’s The Cry Baby Killer

One year ago today I posted a tribute to Jack Nicholson in honor of my favorite actor on the occasion of his¬†75th birthday. That feature chronicled his acting career during the point where he reached superstardom, and covered six of his most iconic film roles—5 of which he was nominated for the Academy Award(finally winning […]

To the Wonder

It’s easy to see that “To the Wonder” is the least impressive achievement in Terrence Malick’s 40-year, six film canon—but just how much of a pan is that? When your admittedly tiny oeuvre consists of 1973’s “Badlands”, 1978’s “Days of Heaven”, 1998’s “The Thin Red Line”, 2005’s “The New World” and 2011’s “The Tree of […]

Passion off-Broadway

Loving Sondheim isn’t always easy, and “Passion” is certainly amongst his more difficult works. But it’s far from his only demanding show. Try explaining to someone, who’s used to leaving musicals giddy and tapping their toes, that they should embrace the melancholy and darkness of productions of Sondheim’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Sunday in the Park with […]