Critic Bites

Critic Bite #3

“I go to a movie just to be entertained”. This one, of course, intended to be a catch-all, with the express purpose of excusing any piece of garbage someone just paid to see. You see, snooty critics, want everything to be “Citizen Kane” or “Lawrence of Arabia”, is the thought process employed here. So, every cheapo horror […]

Critic Bite #2

“I don’t listen to critics, I decide for myself”. This one, of course, implies that anyone who researches what film critics say, is some type of automaton, and doesn’t think for oneself. Bullshit. There are roughly one thousand films released each calendar year. Does anyone see ALL of them? Of course not. Critics are a guide. […]

Critic Bite #1

“It’s a GREAT movie!”. Often labeling something that never was, or could ever be, a GREAT movie. Language should be diverse. Movies are good. Movies are so-so. Movies are not-so-hot, but contain an exceptional performance. Some movies are awful. And yes, there is an upper echelon, that are GREAT. “Taxi Driver” is great. “2001: A Space […]

Critic Bites

This idea has been pressing on me for a while. So, with less then a month until the new year hits–it’s time to unveil a new feature. But first, a brief introduction. I’ve been a film critic, in one form or another, approaching a quarter-of-a-century now. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly five years, […]