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The Cronenberg Chronicle-Phase Eight: M. Butterfly (1993)

Although this one has come a long way for this outspoken David Cronenberg fan, it’s still the first DC film that I’ve covered in the Cronenberg Chronicle that gives me areas of great pause. I never considered it a bad film, but it’s taken me some time to warm to the artistic choices that David […]

“Moonrise Kingdom” rules the Indie Spirit noms!!!

It used to be somewhat of a given that the Best Feature winner of the annual Independent Spirit Awards was a better film then the Best Picture winner of the Academy Awards. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Memento” and “Far from Heaven” were the first three recipients of the Indie Spirits top honor last decade. And […]

Life of Pi 3D & Prometheus

Yeah, about a week ago I wouldn’t have figured that they would make a good tandem review either. To my surprise, after home viewing “Prometheus” and ETX 3D-experiencing “Life of Pi” in an actual state-of-the-art theater—the films are actually excellent companion pieces. Only one could be called an excellent film, however. But the other isn’t […]

The Expendables 2

Okay, so it took them two film’s before they finally got this thing right. “The Expendables 2” is the big, dumb, fun Dirty Dozen-esque movie that the original from 2010 was supposed to be.¬†How did they manage to get it right this time around? Well, let’s start with the expanded roles for Arnold Schwarzenegger and […]

Celeste & Jesse Forever

A nice mid-film save after a strained and exasperating opening. But then it eventually cops out and goes soft at the finale. I find that I can no longer give points to these “personal” projects for being¬†almost good. If you get these things produced and released, then you’re officially playing with the big boys(or girls). […]


It’s a disappointment. There, I’ve said it. Oh, it’s better than “Quantum of Solace”(one of the weaker Bonds, as it seemed to serve mostly as epilogue to the one preceding it), but it’s no “Casino Royale”. “CR”, of course, served to successfully reboot the series 4 years after Pierce Brosnan wrapped up his 4-film run […]

High Season has arrived…an update for my readers

First things first…Hurricane Sandy knocked out our power here for 10 days. It was a time for hot showers in cold rooms, scrounging for gasoline and running noisy generators. I’m not complaining too much…others had it much, much worse. Minimal damage to my home, and everyone in my family is safe. I have people in […]