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KUBRICK @Feature #8: 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

It’s probably a certainty that a better science fiction film will never be made. Certainly nothing smarter, more iconic, or more enigmatic. Yes, special effects will continue to improve over time. But, even for 1968, the stuff from “2001: A Space Odyssey” holds up remarkably well. The first moonwalk to the monolith is slightly unrealistic […]

Critic Bite #1

“It’s a GREAT movie!”. Often labeling something that never was, or could ever be, a GREAT movie. Language should be diverse. Movies are good. Movies are so-so. Movies are not-so-hot, but contain an exceptional performance. Some movies are awful. And yes, there is an upper echelon, that are GREAT. “Taxi Driver” is great. “2001: A Space […]

Interstellar IMAX

Ambition scores major points with me, and Christopher Nolan has that in spades. For instance, it was never enough for him to simply direct superhero movies, with his 2005-2012 “Dark Knight” trilogy–he had to reinvent the whole genre. Also, making a splash on the indie circuit, with the psychological thriller “Memento”, probably would’ve been a given with […]

“Interstellar” arrives!

It feels like an event. Can I proclaim it’s even a bit daunting? I’m honestly even a little bit afraid of it. “Interstellar” appears so BIG, with so much riding on it, that I’m somewhat reticent to attend. In fact, ever since 2008’s “The Dark Knight”, director Christopher Nolan features have felt like more than […]

Gravity IMAX 3D

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me, that I’m starting to grade certain films for their “event” factor. I believe I first began to realize this when I was reflecting on 2012’s “Life of Pi”. It’s a pretty terrific film, but does it stand up to the test of time? Well, I was initially ready to […]

Flashback: on 1972’s Silent Running

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. I remember first seeing Douglas Trumbull’s “Silent Running” in grade school. I can’t recall all of the details, but I think it was around 1978/79—which means I was probably 13 and in the eighth grade. My mind’s eye is telling me that my English teacher, Mr. Pollack, showed it on a […]

Room 237

Some folks sure have a lot of time on their hands. That doesn’t make this documentary about the “hidden” meanings in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” any less fascinating, but it certainly speaks volumes on just how far some will go to spot examples of metaphor in his work. Listen, I’m a Kubrickian. I’ve studied Stanley’s […]