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The Final Word on Oscars 2017

I told you that “La La Land” would win Best Picture! Well, it did…briefly. I’ve been picking on “La La” a LOT…but I honestly felt bad for all involved during that debacle. Jordan Horowitz handled things with class…but c’mon! One of the most memorable moments in Oscar history is not a good one. “Moonlight” IS […]

2017 Oscar Predictions

Okay…let’s cut to the chase. As I’ve already covered on various social media outlets, as well as in scores of cities nationally via “America Weekend with Ed Kalegi and Cara Di Falco”, my picks for the 89th Annual Academy Awards, in the top eight categories. Best Picture: Duh. The winner will be La La Land. Yes, […]

La La Land

Suffice to say, that you will not have to look far, to find effusive praise for Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land”. Just don’t look here, because I’m not buying. In fact, I’m finding its popularity, and overall acceptance, somewhat bewildering. It’s an empty vessel. A case of playing the notes, but not hearing the music. […]

Oscar Predictions 2015, Part Two

It’s noon on Oscar Sunday, and on to the three toughest categories of the night. No, really…they really are! With one reluctant adjustment from my broadcast picks. Damn…but I’m still holding on to a slight sliver of hope! Best Original Screenplay: the winner is Wes Anderson for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. But what about “Boyhood” and “Birdman”? Here’s […]


There’s a part of me that wants to laud this film for its craft, and its fine lead performances…and just leave it at that. But I can’t–because I know when I’m being manipulated. I like Damien Chazelle’s “Whiplash”, and I believe that J. K. Simmons performance as maestro Terence Fletcher is outstanding. Miles Teller is […]