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They sort of snuck this one in late-summer, and no one paid much attention. A few critics did, and it garnered some solid reviews. James Schamus is an award-winning screenwriter, making his feature debut as a director here. Philip Roth is one of our finest novelists, of course, and “Indignation” is based on his novel […]

“Follies” cast album…reviewed!

This one is a bit unusual, and a little bit retro, but something I’ve been meaning to publish. I saw “Follies” on Broadway around November 2011, a number of weeks before I started this blog, and I reviewed the musical on this site while the show was still running. It was my first experience with […]

Congratulations Clybourne Park!

And the Tony Award for Best Play goes to…”Clybourne Park”! Wonderful news for this “little show that could”. After winning last year’s Pulitzer Prize(following a brief Playwrights Horizons run in 2010), the show STILL almost didn’t make it to Broadway. With no “big name” talent to attract the tourists(and the essential “bridge and tunnel” crowd), […]