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The “Back to the Future” trilogy, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, “Forrest Gump”…that’s some resume. But then Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis steered his career towards motion-capture animated features, for the first decade of this century. Upon returning to live action films–his box office dominance of the 1980s and 1990s suffered a bit. 2012’s “Flight” DID end […]

The Little Prince

Yeah, this kind of works–so, I’m going to give it a pass. The framing device narrative isn’t always successful, but I appreciated it as an inventive, new spin, on an old classic. I mean, it does sputter like an old bi-plane occasionally. But, wouldn’t you know it, “The Little Prince” always roars back to life just in […]


At this stage of my life, I’ve experienced a solid number of versions of this Shakespeare tragedy. I’ve seen it performed in minimalist form, where it’s all about the language. I’ve wandered through an elaborate, six-floor, 100-room immersive version, with almost no dialogue at all. Of course, perhaps my all-time favorite interpretation is in Japanese. […]

Two Days, One Night

Marion Cotillard, who turns 40 today, is certainly one of our finest current film performers. She’s already won one Oscar (for 2007’s “La Vie en Rose”), she successfully (and consistently) bridges the gap between art and commerce (an array of both blockbusters and smaller, brainier fare, over the last decade), plus she can sing and play instruments. […]

Rust and Bone

It has two absolutely terrific performances, and I continue to be highly impressed by the talents of Belgium’s Matthias Schoenaerts. Unfortunately, it’s just not a very good film. There are some interesting scenarios presented that are never quite fully explored(sex with an amputee being one of them), and shameless, button-pushing manipulation throughout. It’s certainly never […]