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The Final Word on Oscars 2017

I told you that “La La Land” would win Best Picture! Well, it did…briefly. I’ve been picking on “La La” a LOT…but I honestly felt bad for all involved during that debacle. Jordan Horowitz handled things with class…but c’mon! One of the most memorable moments in Oscar history is not a good one. “Moonlight” IS […]

Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids

At no point, did I ever think I’d find myself saying, “I’ve got to experience the Justin Timberlake concert movie!”. I mean, I’m aware of Mr. Timberlake as a strong performer, in many forms of media, but it’s not like I actually listen to his music. But then I started┬áreading about “Justin Timberlake + the […]

Sometimes It Snows In April…

Oh, I know some of my friends and associates are wondering when I’m going to stop. Soon, I guess. Hours, days…I don’t know. It’s up to me, after all, isn’t it? A lot of people realized how I would feel. Texts, e-mails, phone calls, tweets, posts…too many to count. Combined it was easily over a […]

Flashback: on 1989’s Batman

Wow. Talked about planned/not planned. For five years now, without fail, I’ve been posting a film tribute to Jack Nicholson, on the occasion of his birthday. Today, April 22nd, is his 79th. A couple weeks ago, I began pondering what to focus on this year. I’d done “Goin’ South” and “Ride in the Whirlwind” in […]

Flashback: on 1984’s Purple Rain

It’s been thirty years as of today, and I┬ástill remember that rush of excitement I felt when I first experienced it. Did I catch it on that first weekend? I can’t recall, but I do remember my first attempt to see it failed. It was sold out! Whether that meant I went the next night […]