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Hacksaw Ridge

Well, look who’s back. Everyone’s favorite anti-Semitic, abusive, homophobe. Sitting there at the Oscars ceremony, all smug and smiling, happy to be part of the elite crowd again. Mel Gibson has returned. You see, this is why I couldn’t get all that worked up over Casey Affleck’s harassment¬†allegations, that many thought would deny him the […]

99 Homes

Back to the business at hand, after a somber week of violet mourning. And I wish I had better things to report about writer/director Ramin Bahrini’s latest, “99 Homes”. It starts strong certainly, but I started to see the warning signs during its soggy middle portion, then it ends very poorly. It rapidly employs easy […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Now, that’s more like it! A complete improvement over 2012’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”, with director Marc Webb now officially freed of the shackles of the origin story. Andrew Garfield continues his excellent portrayal in the title role, and Emma Stone has gelled nicely into her performance of Gwen Stacy. I’ll even admit to being wildly […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D

Yeah, the reboot was a bad plan. How about “Spider-Man 4” with a new cast, no origin story and a 120-minute running time…credits and all. That’s my advice, and I’m sticking to it. Still, I couldn’t help but think about how “The Amazing Spider-Man” played to those who haven’t seen the original trilogy. But who […]


Just a little morsel before I’m back at some point with a review proper. A)I need to let “The Amazing Spider-Man” gestate a bit, and B)a lot of Independence Day prep happening, so I don’t have time to give a full review at the moment. So? It’s a mixed bag. Good news—Andrew Garfield is wonderful, […]