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Finding Dory

Time for a little catch-up. Expect it all month-long. You see, things I saw weeks ago, took a back seat to Oscar for the first two months of 2017. If “Finding Dory” had actually scored an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, you can be certain that I would’ve reviewed it earlier. It didn’t…and you […]

“Finding Dory” PR issue?

I’m pretty certain that Walt Disney Studios, and Pixar Animation, are going to have a HUGE billion dollar hit with “Finding Dory”. A no-brainer right? I want to see it, my kids want to see it–it’ll rake in money. Ellen DeGeneres is back, and Albert Brooks too. The voices for this “Finding Nemo” sequel! Ed […]

Oscar 2014…synopsis and wrap-up

So, “12 Years a Slave” has been deemed the Best Picture of 2013, and I guess that’s fine. There’s a solid 20 films, or so, that I believe are better, but I won’t continue to harp on that. Hey, at least “Her” picked up that deserved Best Original Screenplay Award—if I’d had enough balls to […]