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Finding Dory

Time for a little catch-up. Expect it all month-long. You see, things I saw weeks ago, took a back seat to Oscar for the first two months of 2017. If “Finding Dory” had actually scored an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, you can be certain that I would’ve reviewed it earlier. It didn’t…and you […]

Ghostbusters (2016)

It’s got no balls. Now listen, before you completely misunderstand, I was rooting for these ladies. Hard. But Paul Feig’s direction, along with his co-screenwriter Katie Dippold, completely lets this talented cast down. It’s like they are running scared. From ghosts. Or the nostalgic apparitions of Murray, Ackroyd, Ramis, Hudson, Weaver, Moranis and Potts. Their long-in-the-tooth […]


I was pulling for the ladies, I really was. It was appalling to me, to constantly hear about the testosterone fueled, viral campaign to shut down the talented team. It’s a super quartet. And, quite frankly, all of the performers pictured above have proven to me that they are an exceptionally gifted bunch. Regardless, “Ghostbusters” the reboot came […]

“Finding Dory” PR issue?

I’m pretty certain that Walt Disney Studios, and Pixar Animation, are going to have a HUGE billion dollar hit with “Finding Dory”. A no-brainer right? I want to see it, my kids want to see it–it’ll rake in money. Ellen DeGeneres is back, and Albert Brooks too. The voices for this “Finding Nemo” sequel! Ed […]