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They sort of snuck this one in late-summer, and no one paid much attention. A few critics did, and it garnered some solid reviews. James Schamus is an award-winning screenwriter, making his feature debut as a director here. Philip Roth is one of our finest novelists, of course, and “Indignation” is based on his novel […]

The “Fury” of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt will turn 51-years-old in late 2014, so it’s probably time for folks to stop thinking of him as a “pretty boy”. He’s so much more than that, and to deny him is kind of silly at this point. Earlier this year, Mr. Pitt won his first Oscar…as one of the producers of Best […]


The best description, that I’ve been hearing for months now, regarding Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah”, is that it’s “loosely” based on the story of Noah’s Ark. What! You mean they aren’t following the loony tunes biblical children’s story, of a man collecting two of every animal on the earth and sticking them on a big wooden […]