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The Final Word on Oscars 2017

I told you that “La La Land” would win Best Picture! Well, it did…briefly. I’ve been picking on “La La” a LOT…but I honestly felt bad for all involved during that debacle. Jordan Horowitz handled things with class…but c’mon! One of the most memorable moments in Oscar history is not a good one. “Moonlight” IS […]

Suicide Squad IMAX 3D

First things first. I have a question for the rabid comic book fanatics that are so crazed in anticipation for the opening of their latest over-priced blockbuster entry, that they engage in silly ventures like threatening to shut down an aggregate critics website, in order to¬†suppress the negative notices for a violent cartoon fantasy. Primarily…what’s […]

“Suicide Squad” 2nd weekend plunge?

I mean, it’s inevitable right? “Suicide Squad” raked in 135 million dollars, in a record-breaking August opening weekend (trouncing the 2014 94-million dollar cash grab, of the critically acclaimed “Guardians of the Galaxy”). So, it’ll gross a billion worldwide by the end of its run, right? Not necessarily. That’s what was expected of “Batman v […]

Bourne again?

No thanks…not for me. What an awful summer for blockbusters. You know what we had last year at this time? “Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation”, that’s what. And you know what? I’ve watched it again recently–it holds up beautifully. But “Jason Bourne”? I’m not biting. Even with Matt Damon returning to the role, after almost a decade, […]

The Shallows

It’s being dubbed the worst summer blockbuster season of all-time, by some–and I can’t mount much of an argument. Honestly, unless you like cartoon fish and animated mammals, what has solstice ’16 provided since “Cap 3”? And that opened in early May! Will the latest “Star Trek” save it? Too soon to tell. “Suicide Squad”? […]